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Think about this...


Your resume is the only thing you have to represent yourself prior to landing an interview.  Does it have the modern, professional look and feel?  Does it effectively highlight your value?  Will it get through an Applicant Tracking System?

Here's the bottom line...

​​This makes your resume the most important tool you have when looking for a job!  

The good news is that we can help!  At Resume Associates we take a strategic approach to the work we do for you.  We know what recruiters are looking for during their initial 5-7 second review and format resumes with this in mind.  We can help you with all aspects of your job search!  Take a look at some of the services we offer that will help your job search

Why Us?


At Resume Associates our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We combine 17+ years of recruiting and human resource experience with 4 years of resume writing.  We guarantee satisfaction while offering a quick turnaround time to help you move forward in your career.

In addition, I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer through the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Value at the Right Price


Who has $200 - $400 for a new resume when you're not working, right? At Resume Associates, we understand this and have developed our prices with this in mind. We offer value pricing while delivering a product that will exceed your expectations.  Contact us for a free 20-minute consultation to determine your needs and to see how we can best help you.

Resume Writing Services Offered


Resume Writing


I take a strategic approach to creating accomplishments-based, applicant tracking system compliant resumes, focused on creating a positive first impression and the value that you bring to the table. It will be organized to increase readability and highlight your career-related strengths and accomplishments. Your resume and your value will definitely stand out from the competition with a modern look and feel. 

There's strategy behind every resume. We strategically design your resume to maximize its visual appeal.  The end product will be a highly readable, professional looking document that presents accurate information in a clear and concise manner to enhance your chances of getting that interview and landing the job you really want.  ​​

Your resume will include a professional cover letter and an updated LinkedIn profile.

Interview Preparation

Providing the resume and cover letter is not all that we do.  At Resume Associates we are dedicated to helping you succeed once you get an over the phone or face-to-face interview.  Our comprehensive services include conducting mock interviews both over the phone and in person, coaching you with a list of potential interview questions and helping you develop the skills you need to answer those tough questions.​  

Realistically your interview preparation should take a couple of hours.  We'll help you maximize the use of your time and prepare you to answer those tough questions you'll no doubt face.  ​

The Importance of LinkedIn

These days a strong LinkedIn profile is a must for business professionals like yourself.  It says everything about who you are and the direction your career is going.  Resume Associates is dedicated to helping you create a LinkedIn profile that will accurately outline your business experience in a professional manner. In addition, we will provide tips that will enhance your profile, increase your visibility and maximize your marketability. 


We offer one package that includes a new resume, a cover letter, and an updated LinkedIn profile for $134.  

What sets us apart?  You won't pay anything upfront.  We'll only take payment after you've seen the final product if you're 100% satisfied.



What some of my clients have to say...

I wanted to share with you feedback I received from a CEO on a role I am considering:

"P.S. Your resume was fantastic – exceptional attention to detail that was certainly noticed and made you stand out."  Laura A. - Denver, CO

After receiving an improved version of my resume from Dave, I sent his version to another company that offers free resume reviews. Here is what they sent me back:

"After reviewing your resume, I am happy to announce that your resume is excellent!  Congratulations! Having an excellent resume immediately puts you in the top 4% of job seekers! As such, I wouldn’t recommend making any changes to it."
This is fantastic feedback that validates my initial impression that Dave's work was great.
Carrie L. - Denver, CO

“Dave's experience with interview coaching really proved beneficial in me finding a job.  I highly recommend Resume Associates to anyone needing assistance with their job search."
Lisa T. - Lincoln, NE

"I credit Dave Martinez for his outstanding resume advice for helping me land my new job.  I looked for Dave for help polishing my resume.  He listened to my career goals and offered me strategic advice for updating my resume. When I asked my new employer what made them pick up the phone to call me, they pointed to the areas where Dave made recommendations. ​
Deborah S. - Highlands Ranch, CO   

“Very professional and personable.  He produced a new resume and cover letter for me, then made great suggestions on improving my LinkedIn account profile.  All was done timely and at a very reasonable price.  I highly recommend using Dave!”
Bill G. - Aurora, CO

"Dave with Resume Associates has helped me tremendously with my resume and cover letter. I was unsure of how to create an exceptional resume that would get me noticed. I was hesitant in reaching out to a business that specialized in resume help because of the expensive fees. I am fortunate to have met Dave at my school's career fair. He re-designed my resume and contacted me with the finished product by guiding me on the phone while viewing the resume on the internet. Fees were simple and affordable. I have used Dave's services twice now and will continue in the future."
Melissa H. - Aurora, CO

"Dave was very responsive, personable and quick to the task. Offered professional feedback and further assistance to complete a well written resume. If I read it, I would certainly hire me! Thank You!"  

Mark M.  Centennial, CO

Dave was a pleasure to work with. He offered a wealth of information. The final product was exactly what I hoped for.

Utah D. - Denver, CO

Fortunate to have found Dave Martinez, of Resume Associates.  Extraordinarily professional, while being there every step of the way.  Dave has been instrumental in my return to the workplace after an absence.
If you want the best, go with Resume Associates!

Dana J. - Denver, CO

Dave was asked to update my resume, it did not read well. Dave had it completed in a couple of days, he was polite, professional and explained all he did for the updates as I walked through it with him. I have already recommended your site And Dave to a couple of friends that want to update their resume. Thank you!

Tricia C. - Parker, CO

Frequently Asked Questions


Detail your services


Studies have shown that when asked to rank resumes, recruiters gave professionally written resumes a 60% higher score than non-professionally written ones.  These same recruiters also said these resumes were 40% more  readable and better organized.  This underscores the importance of a professional resume.  Don't take our word for this.  Search online for yourself to uncover of the many benefits of a professional resume.  


We will set up a convenient time for us to meet.  During the meeting we will be connected via the phone and computer via, which will allow me to share my computer screen with you.  During our meeting we will review all documents created for you and explain our thought process associated with our work.  Our meeting will last roughly 10-15 minutes.  

Once completed, the documents will be sent to you in a .doc format meaning that they are editable for your future use. 


I usually takes 3-4 business days to complete a resume.  In addition, we can typically accommodate rush requests as needed.  We understand that the sooner you start your job search the better and will work to not only meet but exceed your expectations.  


15-20 minutes is a short period of time to review your documents.  We understand this...that's why we allow you to contact us within the next few weeks with any additional changes you want made.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with the documents you receive and will work towards that end goal of landing a job.  


We proudly use PayPal or Square (VISA, Master Card, American Express & Discover) to accept payment.  In terms of PayPay we'll send an invoice to your email address. Once you receive the email simply click on the link to enter your payment information.  Square payments are taken over the phone.  Once payment is made the documents you've reviewed and approved will be sent to you, usually within a matter of minutes.    

Contact us at 303-807-3430, or via the contact page with any questions not answered here.  

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